Basic traffic rules

As a road user and a driver you need to know that the fundamental requirement in traffic is to be precautious. It is crucial that your actions are predictable and foreseeable by other road users. Therefore, it is necessary to always use indicators prior to making maneuvers. Your driving style needs to be steady and predictive, avoid sudden lane changes, sharp braking (unless absolutely necessary) and remember to always keep safety distance to the vehicle in front.

It is also crucial to be aware of possible risks and drive defensively.

Defensive driving 

Defensive driving style implies that you:

Drive with caution at all times, keep safety distance and watch out for possible mistakes of other road users

Plan your journey and route in advance and allow yourself plenty of time

Never take risks

Brake in good time and avoid harsh braking and accelerating

Keep an eye on the rear of your vehicle

Do not obstruct the way of other road users

Are extra cautious in the proximity of vulnerable road users such as children, elderly, disabled, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Speed matters!

Along with the driving style, driving with an appropriate speed is very important. Your speed always needs to be adjusted to the road conditions, weather and traffic circumstances. When driving on a highway you should always pay attention to the info boards which may be warning of an accident ahead or slippery road conditions, bad visibility, etc. The basic rule regarding the choice of speed is that you should drive with the speed, which will allow you to stop within the stretch of road you can see in front of you. Not faster than that.