If you care about the environment, follow these simple ecodriving techniques in order to minimize negative footprint of driving.

Ecodriving tips

  • Plan your driving route in advance
  • Travel light, remove unnecessary load from the trunk/remove roof rack
  • Drive steadily, avoid rapid acceleration and braking
  • Avoid using your car for short distances
  • Skip over gears
  • Always drive with highest possible gear
  • Use engine-braking when possible

Did you know that short journeys with cold engine result in higher emissions as well as higher fuel consumption? Therefore, it is both non economical and harmful for the environment to drive short distances. Instead you should bicycle or walk which is at the same time much better for your wellbeing.

In winter conditions it is recommended to use engine pre-heater for a few hours before staring the engine. By doing so you will prolong your car’s engine life and at the same time avoid heavy exhaust emissions caused by cold start.

Travelling light is also beneficial as it decreases fuel consumption. Removing the ski box when not used and extra load from the trunk saves you fuel.

When selecting tires for your car, bear in mind that some manufacturers produce so-called ‘green tires’ that are designed to reduce the emission of toxic oils and hydrocarbons. Also remember that too low pressure in the tires results in higher fuel consumption, that’s why it’s good to check tire pressure regularly.

Fuel consumption can also be increased if you are using some extra features and accessories such as a roof rack, automatic gearbox, air conditioning or 4 wheel drive.

Choosing the right type of car is equally important if you care about the environment. The best choice would be to select a car with a smaller and more economical engine or to go for a hybrid or a fully electric car.